Components and Systems


M7 Research MBE System

M7 Research MBE system • 7 Source ports (4.5” CF) with shutters plus 4 additional gas source ports • 3” wafer capability • Open frame design provides easy access • Can be joined to existing systems or available as a standalone system • Magnetically coupled soft action shutters (no bellows) • Includes ports for RHEED, […]

effusion cell thumb

Effusion Cell Repair and Fabrication

Effusion Cell Repair • Complete Restoration Services • Any style, size or manufacturer • Cells outgassed and tested before shipping • Competitive Pricing


MBE System Refurbishment

We offer system refurbishment, rebuilding, converting, and upgrade services. We are also available to relocate MBE systems.


Mounting Clamps for Conflat® Style Flanges

These versatile clamps fit on standard Conflat® style flanges. They provide an extremely rigid mounting surface for attaching things such as lights, optical components, cameras, pyrometers, hinged load lock doors or protective sheilds.


RHEED camera mounts

RHEED Camera mount shown without flexible light shield.  This camera and mount are included as part of the complete EZRHEED package.  The mount is also available separately.


Gas Injectors

Gas injectors


Retractable UHV Quartz Crystal Monitor

Retractable UHV Quartz Crystal Monitor


Viewport Heaters

Prevents buildup of arsenic on Bomco quartz viewports.