Electronics and Instrumentation

Dual Axis Thumb

Substrate Rotation Controller

Based on the same high precision AC servo motor as the Motorized Valve Controller, our Dual Axis Substrate Rotation Controller controls both substrate rotation and position (growth, transfer and beam flux).  Contact us for more information.


Band Edge Thermometry

ABES Band Edge Thermometry System


Motorized Valve Controller & Substrate Rotation Controller

Both the motorized valve controller and substrate rotation controller are based on the same high precision AC servo motor and drive electronics. Fully configurable to work with any valved source or substrate azimuthal rotation. High precision jog wheel allows precise and rapid manual positioning of substrate angle for RHEED. Integrates easily with any growth software […]


Eurotherm Modules

Effusion cell temperature control

system controllers

System and Process Controllers

We can design and build completely custom system controllers and interlock systems to your requirements.   Typical examples include gas flow control, interlock systems, gate valve control, and pumpdown control.  We offer fully customizable front panels, indicators and touch screens, connectors, cabling, and interfacing.  Contact us for more details.


Shutter Controller

Universal rack mount shutter controller

P white zone thumbnail

Phosphorous White Zone Temperature Controller

Offers a dramatic improvement in P white zone temperature and flux stability.

Example Rack

Complete Electronics Racks

Built to your specifications