We believe the highest reliability solution for temperature control is a discrete Eurotherm temperature controller combined with a separate Sorensen DC power supply. Our rack mount eurotherm module provides an easy path to upgrading your temperature control loops to this configuration.

Rear panel connectors are compatable with Veeco electronics racks. We can assist with cables for other systems or for new installations.

The interlock indicator lights are available in 2 configurations. The standard is a green light that is illuminated when the interlock is made. Alternatively, the interlock indicator comes in red in which case it is illuminated when the interlock is not made. The interlock function can be turned off in software.

The BNC connector on the back of the Eurotherm box carries the analog output signal from the Eurotherm. To connect to a DCS series Sorensen DC power supply order either CB-9-V or CB-9-C. To connect the Sorensen ouput to a Veeco style effusion cell cable, order CB-14. The DLM series power supplies when operated remotely does not provide for front panel adjustment of the current limit. The current limit must be set remotely using the CB-15 adapter and an external voltage source (either 0-5V or 0-10V – configurable through DIP switches).

Part Number
CB-9-V BNC to DB25 cable 6′ voltage programming (specify power supply model)
CB-9-C BNC to DB25 cable 6′ current programming (specify power supply model)
CB-15 Dual BNC to DB25 adapter for DLM series (2 6′ BNC cables included – not pictured)
CB-14 Veeco style power connector pigtail